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Leaders of the Next Generation

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> 200 people

*updated November 29th, 2023*


Our Goal

We want to raise 1,000 dollars by September 2024 for organizations that support education for youth.

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Our Mission

Leaders of the Next Generation is committed to environmental awareness and providing access to education for youth. Through community programs, advocacy, and youth involvement, LNG aims to empower the leaders of tomorrow to ensure a sustainable future.

Everyone deserves the chance to become a leader of tomorrow.

Sameera Madan

Sameera is a Founder & CEO of LNG. While she volunteered and interned at an environmental education center, she watched people learn about the enviornment with such intrigue. Inspired by this, she not only wanted to learn more about the environment; she wanted to expand this education to others. 


Jacklyn Pizzella

Jacklyn is a Founder & CFO of LNG. She volunteered with a nonprofit organization which provided low income families with equal education. She also started her own club at her highschool, helping unprivilged children -- specifically those fighting cancer and other diseases. She decided to take it a step further by creating a community project specializing in educating children.


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